Wednesday, March 10, 2010

beautiful, and not so much

So the Oscars were on the other night, and as always i sat with my wonderful mother, and raved about the dresses. One that really caught my eye was Carey Mulligan's dress. She was in a black Prada sequin gown. But when you saw the dress up close it was embellished in swarvoski crystal knives and forks. It made me laugh and gasp at the same time, it was so unique and different, i loved it. She really could pull it off

There were not many women at all that night that i felt met "Oscar standards". Sandra Bullocks gold Marchesa dress was stunning on her. It was purely elegant and reminded me again of what classy should look like. It was sophisticated and proved that she was very confident to wear the piece. The hair and makeup were perfect with the dress and did not over do it at all.

My two last favorite dresses were Elizabeth Banks grey Versace dress, and Demi moores Atelier Versace gown. As you can tell i am a huge fan! Gianni makes Elizabeth's gown look so comfortable and it almost reminds me of a fairy tale for some reason. Where as Demi's dress is a tan color, it still has the same beauty and presence to it as well.

My least favorite dresses of the night were Vera Farminga's hot pink Marchesa gown, and Zoe Saldana's purple Givenchy gown. The colors are gorgeous in themselves, but with Vera's huge ruffles and Zoe's big pom poms the dresses were too distracting. With all do respect, these two ladies are stunning, just not in these dresses.


  1. Carey Mulligan's dress immmediately attracted me, of course the knives and forks appeal to a chef! Sandra Bullock was all movie star! I agree with your bottom 2. On the "yea"side I have to mention Cameron Diaz's dress and hair and Kate Winslet's jewlery.


  2. yes the chef thing i shouldve known!!!! and yes i completely agree, camerons dress sort of made her look larger than she really is, and kates jewelry, amazing. the end.