Tuesday, March 9, 2010

how pictures inspire me

Taylor Momsen, rocker chicDolce & Gabanna

by Free People

These are some photos that i took around the house, in NYC and other random places. I linked them to outfits i thought reflected them. These looks go with the pictures that i took for pretty obvious reasons. Taylors outfit brings out the structure and the strength of the bridge with her plaid and her dark blue dress. She also adds city flair to her look by putting on aviator sunglasses and wearing her plaid shirt oversized with chunkier boots. Next, As soon as i took the picture of the snowflakes i thought of huge fur coats. This one in particular being Dolce & Gabanna. I am obsessed with this look. It is elegant, and not one person could wear this outfit the same, which is why it resembles the snowflake. As i said before in my previous post, this is what sexy should look like, strong, confident and pure genius. Lastly, the Free People dress. Free People is one of my favorite brands because of the simplicity of their clothing. It is very natural and very comfortable. Their clothing sends off a hippie vibe, and it almost makes me happier when i am wearing their clothes. The simplicity of the tree and the dress match perfectly.


  1. I love your connection between places, nature and your surroundings to fashion. The comparison of snowflakes to the D&G coat resonated with me. I look forward to seeing where you go with this process.

  2. Thank you, you have no idea how good that makes me feel, i was so nervous to start this.. and great capricorn minds think alike!:) love you