Monday, March 8, 2010

Why Why Why?

Taking a day away from school has let me take a step back and look at things from a different point of view. Why do girls insist on wearing shirts that show their cleavage and skin tight jeans? What makes people wear the clothes that they do? Almost about 90% of people(girls) in my school wear jeans and a tee shirt everyday. That seems to be what American culture is about: being laid back, and easy going.. But it doesn't do anything good for me. It doesn't describe how someone is feeling, or what they are interested in. I feel as if all people in high school are robots and are following what everyone else is doing and wearing. They are scared to take risks, and to put on a statement piece. Almost everyone in my school wears hollister, abercrombie, pac sun or hot topic. But what is so good about those stores? Yes i shop at them, but i put the clothing together in ways that other people wouldn't. I get stares at school for wearing camouflage leggings, an olive green dress and a long knit sweater. All from the same stores that they shop at. The only difference is i am my own person and put things together differently than everyone else. Camouflage is in now and i am surprised at some of the comments i got from wearing them...But honestly i didn't care. I knew i rocked the look, and so what if half the people in my humongous school didn't like my outfit. I did!!! Fashion is a way for me to show how i am feeling without saying anything.
I just get so frustrated thinking about girls who think that being sexy is showing skin, skin and more skin. Where i believe that Chanel is one of the sexiest designers out there. The sophistication and elegance shows what a women should be about. It shows a put together women, who is confident and cares about her self image. From the very first classic hats that she made, to the pencil skirts. Those pieces are still hugely in fashion and will never go out because of the huge impact she made in many peoples lives just by designing simple yet elegant items. For example, the new "it" piece in Seventeen Magazine is a jean pencil skirt with ruffles at the top. You can turn that into any fashion category you want. You can make it preppy, edgy or even Gothic. What people dont get is that you can be cool and fit in with wearing what you want, and putting your own twist on it. I advice that to anyone and or everyone who will ever read this. It makes a person seem more interesting, and more confident in them self.
"Everyday is a fashion show, and the world is your runway"

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  1. Oh Miss JGalvin! Those jeans and tee shirt people? Fast forward and go to your local Wall Mart, that’s where they will be in 10 years! You? Not! You rock on Miss Thang; the winners in high school are losers at life!